Car still hasn’t blown up, but I might…

Well, the car still hasn’t blown up or worse, caught fire. Sitting in traffic trying to get to work on a morning is so much more fun when you can just turn the bass up and annoy all the other drivers stuck in their cars listening to Classical FM or Radio 4. Doesn’t even have to be loud, the bass just rumbles through anything like a knife through hot butter. Love it.

Anyways, maybe all the in-car audio made me old brain go all funny, but I’ve also agreed to have a bit of jam tomorrow afternoon with a couple of friends that have been trying to get a band going. Not sure it’s my kinda music (they wanna try playing Paranoid by Black Sabbath so I’ve dug out the tabs for it, is pretty easy) so this could be an experience…

So, distortion pedal at the ready and hope their neighbours realise how loud my guitar amp goes. Think I’m starting to develop an obession with noise pollution.


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