The devil makes work for idle thumbs…

What happens when you get bored and throw money at a sound system that has the clarity to rival that new opera thingy built by the dirty river running through Newcastle that’s also loud enough to wake the dead and have the burbery-cap totting boy-racers down the Arnison Centre shaking whilst sat in their car due to bass pumping out as you drive past? Click images for larger photo (still as crap quality though…):
Cabling for sound systemWell, you start off by trying to tie yourself into the drivers seat. This was good fun. I didn’t mind this bit, and was pretty straightforward. I nearly forgot to run the audio bus for the cd changer, but I ended up with cd changer control, cd changer bus audio left + right, amp remote power on, amp audio left + right, and front components audio left + right cables running around the place. Not that many really.

Sony CDX-F5500 head unitAfter that, it was just a case of plugging it all into the back of the head unit and sliding back in. Suprisingly, this all worked straight away and didn’t require and cursing or hitting. Dissappointed in a way, but at least I got to sit looking at the pretty movies running through on the head unit itself. Reckon an indash 6.5″ screen is next.

Boot installAfter a right royal cutting of fingers and kicking and cursing, obviously making up for the ease at which all the audio and control cables installed, the amp cable wound it’s way down from the battery into the boot. How people manage 0-gauge power cable running through the door sills of a Focus I don’t know. This 4-gauge was thick enough. Once connected into the battery and fuse installed, the amp powered straight up and the sub kicked in. Literally.

JBL components installedThe components were installed next. Off came the door panels, into the bin went the old 5×7’s and in went shiny JBL components. Easy peasy. No trouble whatsoever, and the clarity is impressive. May end up running these through a separate amp, but the head unit seems more than capable of handling them at the moment.

Pwetty pictureAnd as I took the car down to the industrial estate to actually sound test this mass of equipment (I’m very glad the system comes with a wireless remote so I could get out of the car whilst trying to find out how loud it goes before distorting (very loud, if you’re wondering…)), the way the sun caught things brought a tear to my eye. Not really, but as I’m not much of an artist, this is as good as it gets!

Also, a nice little monologue that took place whilst installing the amp cable was:
Dad: “How big is that fuse?”
Me: “30amp, why?”
Dad: “You do realise electric oven’s run off less than that, you’ll blow yourself up!”
Me: “Probably. Will sound good though”

If I don’t know what I’m doing with electrics, then may I die some horrible death via a bizzare electrocutioning accident…


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