An ode to gambling

To whichever daft twat ran his sad little spamming tool on the pMachine weblog system running all this, a couple of comments:

1) No-one that would be on here would give a crap about your shitty online casino
2) Listen up pop-tart, pMachine is based around a mySQL database, so it took less time for me to run a query to remove all your entries than it would have done for your automated piece of shit software to post them
3) The webserver is sat at home so the only bandwidth charges likely to be incurred at your end

Nuff said. Well, other than “Fuck off and go screw your sister, you worthless inbred asshole”. Hell hath no fury like the mood I’m in at the moment.


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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