You wait ages for a bus, and then…

a massive power cut pulls your network down over night causing havok in the morning.

Yes yes, the UPS’ did their thing until they cut bored and started sending out requests to turn everything including the coffee maker off. Which was nice. The main servers even decided they’d had enough of a rest and woke up again a few hours later when they got some good current flowing them again.
Shame the Internet router didn’t turn itself back (actually, it seemed at a loss as to what it’s power button was for when the manual option of hitting it with a hammer was required); the main fuse for the second floor comm’s cabinet decided to trip and lock itself out; and the e-mail server, although managing to turn itself off without needing to be dragged kicking and screaming through init0, thought the signal sent by the UPS meant “keep on sleeping, you deserve a rest” as opposed to “wake up you lazy get and get some work done” once some kind of normality was restored.

Just can’t get the staff these days…


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