Something fishy seems to be going on…

Quite alarmingly, Hotmail seem to have upgraded my inbox to 250Mb.

I mean, I know they’ve talked about it for what seems like an eternity, and I keep getting updates from ‘Hotmail Staff’ telling me about all the wonderful improvements they’re making like the new calendar feature (which is great for those people using Outlook Express. No wait, Outlook Express doesn’t have a calendar feature, and Hotmail prevented access to those with free accounts…) but I can see where they’re going. Sort of.
Does this actually mean my Hotmail account might become more useful than pawning off subscription requests and newsletter bollocks, or just give more space to those e-mails with offers of unheard of medicines and porn? Probably the former in fairness as, again, I’ve been concerned at how much spam Hotmail seems to be stopping now, or at least directing all but 1-2 messages a day to the ‘Junk Mail’ folder. Even then, only around 10-15 messages are sitting in the junk mail folder each morning which, quite cunningly, empties itself after 7 days.

Now, how many Dilbert cartoons will 250Mb let me store…


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