Don’t shoot, it’s not my joke!

C'mon mofo, I dare ya! As chance would have it, I stumbled across the photo around the same time I found the joke. Is this what the protection of NY from terrorists has come to? Could be cool I suppose. Imagine SAM’s being fired out the top of the lantern thingy at over-flying aircraft! Well, here’s the joke for those that care, another snippet from [url=][/url]:
[b]Animaga:[/b] so, there’s this panda bear
[b]Animaga:[/b] and he walks into Pizza Hut, orders some pizza, and sits down
[b]Animaga:[/b] once he’s done eating, he takes a look at the bill and just goes to walk out
[b]Animaga:[/b] manager and server try to stop him, saying “you have to pay for your food”
[b]Animaga:[/b] so he pulls out a gun and shoots the place up
[b]Animaga:[/b] the workers are terrified, asking him what the hell he’s doing
[b]Animaga:[/b] he hands them a dictionary, and turns the page to “panda bear”
[b]Animaga:[/b] it says “small black and white bear, native to asia. eats shoots and leaves.”

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