Guess Bristol will remember the time the Geordies went on tour for Halloween!

A good time had by all I guess, plus I can now say I went to university! Well, technically one lecture on English grammatical sentences or whatever it was isn’t exactly much, but when you’ve been completely abandoned at 2a.m in the morning and you don’t know where you’re meant to be heading, these things happen.
So, on to the fun stuff – not many decent photos, but here’s a selection of the best. Sorry to those I didn’t get a photo of – some of you kept hiding! Click on each image to see a full size version (they are pretty big though!):

The one Hutchy + me made is the best!

Go on, admit it, the one on the left is by far and away the better of the two – we even carved our names into the back of it!
Shame this didn’t really work (damn that water stuff washing it all away), but that’s Sarah trying to dye a four-leaf clover into Hutchy’s hair. The green goatee didn’t work either…

Seemed like a good idea

One of Santa's elves

So, this was Cora’s idea – “fouldsy, I thought you were going as Santa Claus”… In the end, I did, and Dan went as one of Santa’s elves…
And Santa Claus himself. Rudolf the reindeer pulled more times that night than Hutchy drank shots!

Another one of Cora's bright ideas...
The only 6ft4 leprechaun!

Talking of which, probably the only 6ft4 leprechaun you’re ever likely to see. Swish! This is before he had a couple of drinks…

When I say a couple of drinks, I think we worked out it was more like 3/4ltr of Vodka, 8/9 double shots of gin, 2/3 shots of tequila, and about half a dozen bottles of alcopops. Nice.

Guess who had too much to drink!
Nighty night!

Of course, it wasn’t much longer before he was put to bed, some thought it might be a permanent arrangement… And all of this before midnight I believe 😉

UPDATE: Just found out that Hutchy was taken to the doctor’s today to be told he had alcohol poisoning, so I reckon even more respect is due!

The four musketeers, or something...

Geordies gotta stick together, but what a bloody sight they make. I repeat, this was all Cora’s idea! Suppose it was kinda cool, if a couple of months early! Gotta love those shades though Dan, gotta love them!
One bad ass mofo!

Del, what noise does a chicken make? Nice costume, shame he couldn’t quite drink as he well as he talked!
Now this I liked – firstly Jason wearing make up (sorry man!) and secondly that Scream mask which actually pumped blood around it. Very trippy after a few to drink!

Gotta love that scream mask


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