Month: November 2004

Something fishy seems to be going on…

Quite alarmingly, Hotmail seem to have upgraded my inbox to 250Mb. I mean, I know they’ve talked about it for what seems like an eternity, and I keep getting updates from ‘Hotmail Staff’ telling me about all the wonderful improvements

Apologies again…

Plain wrong, yet somehow extremely funny. Guess you might need to be in the mood for this…

Don’t shoot, it’s not my joke!

As chance would have it, I stumbled across the photo around the same time I found the joke. Is this what the protection of NY from terrorists has come to? Could be cool I suppose. Imagine SAM’s being fired out

Guess Bristol will remember the time the Geordies went on tour for Halloween!

A good time had by all I guess, plus I can now say I went to university! Well, technically one lecture on English grammatical sentences or whatever it was isn’t exactly much, but when you’ve been completely abandoned at 2a.m