Well now, this could be dangerous

After much hocus-pocus, a group of Bristol students (already told them to go get a job…) have managed to switch Halloween to Saturday, or at least, their Halloween party. Seems only fitting I should make an appearance, never one to miss an opportunity to poke fun at those less well-off than myself. Plus, if they do that Jedi-wave thing with a student card, the cost of alcohol greatly reduces in price – so I figure I may as well tag along.
If I’m allowed near a computer (already been told to promise not to attempt any shenanigans with the university network – boring, eh?) then I might make a last-ditch plea for rescue when the alcohol level reaches such a state the blood cells are being used to pump beer around the body as opposed to oxygen. Now there’s something to aim for.

Of course, with the delightful British weather looking likely to bring torrential rain and 70mph gales to the south west of England, I may be better off attempting to build an ark to sail back home in…


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