Boredom strikes

First, a funny. Go on, you want to laugh:
Bugger King

And I’m sure I’ve been reading [url=][/url] too much recently, but as I flipped between that and my e-mail, this quote was quite appropriate:

Paradox: So, guys, I have some news.
Paradox: I know I usually don’t talk much about stuff unless it’s solid, but this is interesting, and I think you should know.
Paradox: I just got an E-mail about an interesting proposition.
* volsung_ perks up.
Paradox: Apparently, there are lesbians that want my ‘hard ****.’
* volsung_ flips Paradox the bird.
volsung_: 🙂
Paradox: They want it ‘now,’ apparently, so the timetable is somewhat limited.
volsung_: Are you going to just take their offer as presented, or is there an opportunity for negotiation?
Paradox: I’m not sure.
volsung_: I’m sure your hard **** is in great demand. An exclusive deal might not be in your best interest.
Paradox: Last time I got an offer like this, there were some catches.


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