Month: October 2004

Well now, this could be dangerous

After much hocus-pocus, a group of Bristol students (already told them to go get a job…) have managed to switch Halloween to Saturday, or at least, their Halloween party. Seems only fitting I should make an appearance, never one to

What a guy!

Now this, I like: I like his style. I like his attitude. I like, most of all, his honesty. We need more hard-working decent guys like these – and less of the family he talks so eloquently about. You

Some people backed the wrong horse

In the end, 27 out of 110 machines scheduled for rebuild just sat there dumbfounded after formatting themselves as they seemed to forget what they were doing, another 60 claimed to have finished but decided not to install any software

Nervous anticipation

Am getting more than a little bit concerned about the number of people discussing whether or not the computers will be back up and running come 8.30a.m tomorrow morning. Admitedly, all I’m planning is rebuilding the entire network at 12.30p.m

Boredom strikes

First, a funny. Go on, you want to laugh: And I’m sure I’ve been reading [url=][/url] too much recently, but as I flipped between that and my e-mail, this quote was quite appropriate: #7444 Paradox: So, guys, I have some