Month: September 2004

Man may be able to make fire…

but fouldsy can make this: To get some kinda perspective, this is nearly four foot long and the same high, with a lower section over two foot in height with a ramp leading to the upper section and sleeping area.

Looks like it’s “fouldsy 1 – RM 0”

Well, it looks like a nice little amount of free software is winging it’s way to me direct from RM. Did they admit they were at fault? Of course not. Did they admit their support service was poor? Don’t be

That’s it, the gloves are off

Right, that’s it, I’ve had enough. Research Machines, more commonly known as RM, and one of the major suppliers of educational equipment and software to schools, seriously deserve an absolute hammering. Here’s a course for RM to arrange, and I’ll