That’s it, the gloves are off

Right, that’s it, I’ve had enough. Research Machines, more commonly known as RM, and one of the major suppliers of educational equipment and software to schools, seriously deserve an absolute hammering. Here’s a course for RM to arrange, and I’ll even prepare and deliver it for them – “Customer Support 101”.

“When a customer complains they have spent over 8 weeks trying to get your software working but are constantly encountering problems and being locked out of their own systems when logged in as systemadmin, do you:

a) Pretend to make a note of the customer’s complaint and never return calls or update the situation
b) Palm the problems off to the local LEA and get them to tell the customer they only solution to every problem they are experiencing is to rebuild all workstations affected, still ignoring the official complaints that were made
c) Act polite when the customer repeatedly calls back wondering why his LEA has to update him on the progress of things, and again pretend to take down the details of his complaints and promise a Service Manager will call them back
d) Hell, just do everything possible to wind the customer up even more whilst not acknowleding the problem or admitting responsibility and heaven forbid actually try to resolve the issue and get the systems working correctly

So, how you would answer? Well, the secret with RM Customer Support apparently is to mix it up a little, put it all together into one big bag, shake it all up and pick one at random. All are quite valid options, so remember folks, the less you help, the less work you have to do!”


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