Month: September 2004

Hanging my head in shame

Well, I’ve been playing the guitar quite heavily for 7-8 years now, and used to consider myself as being pretty good. Have played various of guitars and styles over the years and been in a number of bands, playing gigs

Genius. Pure genius

Surprised this one hasn’t been done before. I really am. Whoever came up with the idea could be onto a winner here. Click here to go to the Haynes site for the full content of the book if you’re interested.

Must get off b3ta…

Anyone with a decent printer, let me know how this works out:

Why do I find this so funny?

Guess I’d find anything funny at the moment – am in one of those moods.

A new addition

A rather camera-shy bunny appears to be running around my living room. Not quite sure where she came from, but guess I could put in her in that little hutch I made… She’s pretending to be all cute in this