Return of the masses…

As if the joy of the staff returning to school today wasn’t fun enough, ‘the beasts’ return tomorrow.

And since the majority of the teachers were unable to figure out how to change their passwords (they were all reset to avoid me having to deal with a stream of people forgetting their password, but ended up with me dealing with a stream of people not knowing how to change the password they were provided with…), I now have the added bonus of 800 kids with similar ‘issues’. Of course, they don’t get their passwords reset as it would take about a quater of a fraction of a millisecond before the ‘real’ nutcases realised how much fun they could have logging on and changing all their friends passwords – a prize for the first person to provide a list of 5 words all four-lettered that would head the top of a list of passwords they would change them too…

Still, I suppose since I managed to force one of the support technicians (without a great deal of threat of physical violence or blackmail…) to come in tomorrow and help I could just throw a sickey…


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