He’s got the market cornered, bastard…

So, I try pretty much every pet store in the area, and all I want is little fluorescent tube for one of my aquariums. I’d swear there’s a global conspiracy to stockpile the 24″ tubes in some foreign country for a laugh as no-where has them.
Finally tracked them down to a little aquatics store near my parents, and the owner claimed his wife must have sold her body to get a supply of them – he knows he’s probably the only place in the north east that has these in stock and is loving it. So, I exchange a crisp Ã�£10 note for one, return home, connect it in and stand back waiting to see this new corner tank come alive with beautiful colours, except my speakers start crackling instead…

After 5-10 minutes of cursing and kicking, the tube doesn’t actually work. Nice one. Looks like a 60+ mile round trip to get a replacement. Better take the baseball bat too just to teach him a lesson – let’s see who’s got a smug smile on their face now…


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