Son, go get poppa his rifle…

Not wanting to mention names, but I’m getting well fed up with a major school’s ICT supplier at the moment. The start of the holidays, I applied a major update to their network software which seemed to go okay.
Only when I had a new server commissioned a week later did little problems start to appear. Bearing in mind I already had to rebuild each machine, I was told after my first set of problems I had to re-install it all again.
Not happy.
So far, I’ve managed 60 of them – the ones the teachers will use, which now have all the required software, printer, scanners, etc. re-installed. So at least the main workstations are done, and the ones in ICT suites should be fairly straight forward once I set them away (automated installs over the network).

So, another problem crops up, related to the first and I get back in touch. Three days later, and after trying all sorts of fixes and solutions I told them I’d already tried, what did they recommend I did? Re-install the software again.
2 hours for a full re-install per machine including all the software installation afterwards, and 220 machines to do. With the 60 individual workstations not in ICT suites requiring an additional hour per machine to re-install invididual bits of hardware and software? With school starting 2 weeks today? With only me actually in there to do anything? You do the maths.

My response? I’ve taken 3 days holiday and told them I’ll see them bright and early on Monday morning…


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