Ignorance is bliss…

“Erm, I thought I should tell you I came into school cos I wanted to use the Internet connection here rather than paying for mine at home as it’s so expensive during the day so I could look at prices on those Dell laptop thingies I saw on the TV last night cos I think I should get one, but when I turned my computer on in my office it went bang. Do you think it’s broke? What price was the laptop on the advert anyway, you should know?”

“It could be broke, yeah.” I reply shaking my head, “I wouldn’t use it for a couple of minutes…”

I hang up before I get drawn into an argument over when it’s going to get fixed (or not, in this case) and why I don’t know the price of every single retail desktop and laptop available in all stores nationwide and online, and leave the phone off the hook… As if I haven’t got enough to do. My computer works fine anyway.

I’m waiting for her to try using one of the computers in the labs, which she’ll have to logon to. Except she doesn’t actually have login. But I know she’ll sit for 5 minutes trying. Come on security logs, give me some entertainment…

Time to go pull some network cables out so it looks like I’m really busy when she comes to find me…


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Model train nerd. Occasionally I play video games.

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