We Are Klang

“Award winning comics Marek Larwood (‘A blast of unadulterated comedy’ [url=http://www.chortle.co.uk)]www.chortle.co.uk)[/url] and Greg Davies (‘Engagingly manic’ Evening Standard) present an enchanted world of sketches, song and stupidity. A magical slice of life-giving comedy magic (contains no actual magic).”

Another set of freebies here, tempting us to join in the fun. To be honest, we were actually looking at buying tickets for this one, but as Marek (I think) offered us tickets in the bar, we tagged along for the ride!

By this point, 8 hours or so of straight drinking with no food or much of a break in between was beginning to take it’s toll, and I can simply remember laughing a lot! They were a great duo, with excellent help and timing from a ‘special’ helper (not wanting to spoil the fun)!


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