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Return of the masses…

As if the joy of the staff returning to school today wasn’t fun enough, ‘the beasts’ return tomorrow. And since the majority of the teachers were unable to figure out how to change their passwords (they were all reset to

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He’s got the market cornered, bastard…

So, I try pretty much every pet store in the area, and all I want is little fluorescent tube for one of my aquariums. I’d swear there’s a global conspiracy to stockpile the 24″ tubes in some foreign country for

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Son, go get poppa his rifle…

Not wanting to mention names, but I’m getting well fed up with a major school’s ICT supplier at the moment. The start of the holidays, I applied a major update to their network software which seemed to go okay. Only

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Ignorance is bliss…

“Erm, I thought I should tell you I came into school cos I wanted to use the Internet connection here rather than paying for mine at home as it’s so expensive during the day so I could look at prices

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Soul for sale – get it cheap on eBay!

Well, not quite, but I had right good clear out and about half my worldly possesions are on eBay if anyone wants to grab an authentic piece of fouldsy memorabilia! Haven’t quite gone so far as to put the electric

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