Month: July 2004

Note to self – do NOT mess with Perl…

Well, managed to completely annihilate the webserver last night trying to run some new scripts which required some Perl components to be manually updated. Didn’t exactly go to plan and I ended up causing more trouble than was worth. Every

El Tone’s latest Government initiative

My informants have slipped me some information, top secret of course, with regards to the latest Government plan to help reduce pollution from cars and other such evil forms of transport. Hopefully, we’ll have an interview shortly with the mastermind

The masses have spoken!

Well, at least two idiots made some comments… Firstly, for a man who’s website is soley about bunnies and how he pulled out a load of bricks in his house without ripping a load-bearing wall out at the same time

A new bunny rabbit

Well, went to the pet shop to get some fish food, and ended up lookin at the guinea pigs + bunny rabbits with Lindsey. We’d just decided to get (another) one, when the shop assistant picked her up for someone

Finally got the router working!

Spent close to 2 hours last night trying to setup port forwarding on the Origo ADSL 8100 modem to get the site up and running from the outside world. No matter I did, it kept putting me through to the