Classic comments from ‘The Register’

In light of the Government’s re-think of what to call thugs and yobs and how they should be ‘suitably’ punished, The Register, always a good one for giving the middle finger to authority and saying what everyone is thinking but doesn’t dare say, came up with this gem:

Police officer: “Oi, get out of your neighbour’s car and stop smoking that dope, you little sh*t.”
Teen tearaway: “I ain’t no little sh*t copper, cos the ‘ome office says so. I’m an anti-social behaviour practitioner and me solicitor will have yer a*** for this slanderous outrage.”
Police officer: “I do most sincerely apologise. Would you desist from your anti-social practices forthwith and accompany me to the nearest police station where counselling will be made immediately available?”
Teen tearaway: “Yeah, OK, as long as I get to drive.”

If only the fact that it’s so worringly true wasn’t what’s so funny…


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