Month: July 2004

Classic comments from ‘The Register’

In light of the Government’s re-think of what to call thugs and yobs and how they should be ‘suitably’ punished, The Register, always a good one for giving the middle finger to authority and saying what everyone is thinking but


I’m after one of them, so if anyone else wants the other one, let me know. No hagglers please, and I’m sure the dealer would prefer not to have to count through a load of copper coins (this means you,

Not specifically aimed at BMW drivers…

But it’s still funny:

Update – scooter field trials

It appears that the field trials mentioned previously in an unknown area of the country are going well. The main benefits would appear to less pollution, however this does not appear to be the cause. Our field reporter who managed

It’s that time again…

Back again, it’s the latest and greatest episode of the BOFH – Anyone for toast?