Year: 2004

Gotta get some paracetemol…

Dammit, I’ve had headache since Monday and really getting fed up with it now. Still got this horrible cold hanging around – I like the comment a friend made when in the midst of a coughing fit: “Cough it up,

I like this whole “DELETE * FROM comments WHERE some sad git has nothing better to do = true”

Title says it all really. Made a couple of changes (I feel hooking the ‘Post comments’ button to a 10,000V shock is a bit too extreme at the moment…) so will see when I get hit again 🙂

And on a slightly lighter note

Surprised it hasn’t be done before. The humour of it, that is…

An ode to gambling

To whichever daft twat ran his sad little spamming tool on the pMachine weblog system running all this, a couple of comments: 1) No-one that would be on here would give a crap about your shitty online casino 2) Listen

Well, it had to be said eventually

They say never trust your boss. And on that note, I’d like to say a Merry Christmas to the good folk that took part in the Pay Review Committee – no hard feelings, honest. I appreciate the fact that all