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a’twittering Arduino without an Ethernet shield

The Arduino Ethernet shield is pretty awesome and can, for example, allow a mini webserver to run off the board displaying sensor data. Although not outrageously expensive, at $45, it’s still $15 more than an Arduino Uno itself. There does

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What a difference a year makes

Over the Labor Day weekend, Jeff and I headed way up the Gweek River camping. It was great fun, the weather on the Saturday was just awesome, well in to the 70F’s with clear blue skies. I have a few

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New toys for the summer

I’ve kept a fairly low profile this weekend, trying to have a pretty quiet couple of days to rest and get myself together. I helped out at the Saturday market on the K300 stall yesterday afternoon which was good fun,

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New K300 website

After just a little bit of work, the new website for the Kuskokwim 300 is now live 🙂 Mike McIntyre from YKHC did all the graphics and layout design, which I think turned out great, and I then built the

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Another busy weekend

I haven’t exactly ended up with the quiet weekend I had planned, but I haven’t minded one bit 😉 After hanging out with friends on Thursday and Friday night, I was then out at ‘Just Desserts’ at the Cultural Center

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