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Crazy desktop

This is why I run a 30″ Apple Cinema display. Days like this make me think I either need another one, or another job: 18 Apple Remote Desktop connections plus a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection I had to quickly work

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Today, Ted S, Brent and I packed up and headed for Kwethluk to deploy their new Open Directory server. First we brought up internal DNS and configured recursion back to the central DNS server in the district office, and then

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Purty server racks

Since I was quite happy with how the server room reconfigure turned out, thought I’d grab a quick photo earlier on today: Not a bad setup out of the DO now – 14 Win 2k3 servers, 8 Apple X-Serves, a

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Busy weekend

Last night I was out for a pizza + games night which was good fun, and met some cool new people. It was then Halloween carnival at ME school (K-2) today, but I was conveniently in work at the time

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Freezing river

Wind chill down to -20C doesn’t make for fun walks to work at 7.30a.m. And if you’re a duck, you’re clucked, cos the river is freezing. In the middle of October. Yesterday evening, only 10 feet or so along the

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