Boe-Bot infrared eyes

The internet was off all weekend, made even more annoying by a) their customer service lines were also closed all weekend and b) it came back online first thing this morning meaning when they got into the office and saw the problem, a simple remote equipment reset or similar fixed it in a matter of seconds 🙁 Still, least it’s working now. It gave me a chance to play with using IR detectors on the Boe-Bot to act as eyes for navigating which was pretty cool:

Boe-Bot IR

As opposed to using the wire ‘whiskers’ which have to physically touch an object before then backing up and moving away, and the light-sensitive photoresistors which weren’t really useful for navigating around objects at any great speed, using the IR sensors allowed it to continually send out pulses to detect objects and then react to them before they became an obstacle. This allowed much faster movement through a small maze (another USPS-sponsored event!):

Alt video for blocked YouTube access

I also set it up using basic code for a sumobot where it would lock onto an object and try to follow. Mia was not impressed! I was though, as it was able to successfully track a very fast moving dog 😀


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8 comments on “Boe-Bot infrared eyes
  1. moon says:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP

    that was imazing ..
    can you post the code please..??..

    best regards..

  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Mac OS X 10

    I think this was it. Basically right out the Parallax book (formatting isn’t too good in the comments section for code, sorry):

    ‘ Robotics with the Boe-Bot – FastIRRoaming.bs2
    ‘ Higher performance IR object detection assisted navigation

    ‘ {$STAMP BS2}
    ‘ {$PBASIC 2.5}

    ‘ Variables
    irDetectLeft VAR BIT
    irDetectRight VAR BIT
    pulseLeft VAR WORD
    pulseRight VAR WORD

    ‘ Signal program start/reset
    FREQOUT 4, 1000, 3000

    ‘ Main routine
    FREQOUT 8, 1, 38500
    irDetectLeft = IN9
    FREQOUT 2, 1, 38500
    irDetectRight = IN0

    IF (irDetectLeft = 0) AND (irDetectRight = 0) THEN
    pulseLeft = 650
    pulseRight = 650
    HIGH 1
    HIGH 10
    ELSEIF (irDetectLeft = 0) THEN
    pulseLeft = 850
    pulseRight = 850
    HIGH 10
    LOW 1
    ELSEIF (irDetectRight = 0) THEN
    pulseLeft = 650
    pulseRight = 650
    HIGH 1
    LOW 10
    pulseLeft = 823
    pulseRight = 650
    LOW 1
    LOW 10

    PULSOUT 13,pulseLeft
    PULSOUT 12,pulseRight

    PAUSE 15


  3. moon says:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP

    I need to ask a question :
    if I need to save the path of the boe bot in an array then retrieve the path without using the IR sensor
    how can I do it??

  4. BOTT says:
    Internet Explorer 7.0 Windows XP

    what would the programing be for it to go through a maze. were doing this for a school project and our teachers have no idea what their doing.

  5. Brad says:
    Internet Explorer 7.0 Windows XP

    my group for robotics is doing this and I’m having some trouble finding the sensors and the IR led lights and casing. Where can I find them?

  6. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox 3.5.9 Mac OS X 10

    Check the Parallax store for additional components you might need and code samples for ideas such as moving through a maze –

  7. jar says:
    Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 Windows Vista

    idk if you can answer this question before noon tomorrow (Nov 19) but i’m using your code it works but the infrared sensors sees the object way too early, how can i fix this problem?

  8. Mike says:
    Mozilla Firefox 25.0 Windows 7

    what is the code for only sending pulses and scan the results in Java (javalin stamp IDE) or C++ (arduino)?

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