Buried snowmobile

I cleared snow off the boardwalks so there’s at least some way to move to school tomorrow, though the wind will probably blow more snow over it by tomorrow morning as it’s still falling. We’ve had well over a foot in the last 18 hours which is pretty cool, and there’s snowdrifts building up to a good 6 foot high now. Can see why the houses are raised a few feet off the ground to prevent the walls being damaged by the weight of snow that could pile up against them and letting the snow just blow underneath instead.

Buried snowmobile

I only dug away the snow to get my snowmobile out yesterday and it’s now pretty well buried again now. Think I’ll just wait for the snow to stop falling before clearing it again. Not like I’ll be going anywhere in a hurry!


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4 comments on “Buried snowmobile
  1. Sled Girl says:
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    We wait and wait all summer for our beloved sleddin time.

    You have given a new perspective to the other side of form that being function and man this picture pretty much says it all.

    Caption: When does something become too much of a good thing?
    Thanks for pic, great site

  2. fouldsy says:
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    Thanks for the comments!

    I decided to dig it out this afternoon as we’ve had a few days of cold weather making the snow just that little be harder (i.e. you don’t sink in to it quite as far!), and it was great fun. More like riding a jetski than a snowmobile as with a couple of feet of powder snow there’s no real solid ground or packed snow to get on – just keep the throttle open or you’re in trouble and get to start digging pushing instead of riding!

    Nice site you have too – seems like there’s a bit more ‘serious’ sledding going on round your way rather than just ambling about the tundra or riding between villages like up here.

  3. Sled Girl says:
    Internet Explorer 7.0 Windows Vista

    I have never felt the need to blogroll anyone before (but then again I’m new at this blogging thingy) Sled Girl was a full service website for 2 years but I wanted the ease and open communication that a blog offers ANYWAYS I am going to blogroll you.

    Tundra, tons of snow, -20 degrees?? Sounds like my kinda place (except for the 400 people part – holy cow I thought I lived in a small town!)
    You and Kat have already been to so many places but I gotta tell ya – Alaska WOW.
    It’s like getting to see the real Alaska on your site – not the tourist trap boat cruise one. Thanks for that!
    I’m a fan.

    Now I must get wood cuz we are expecting the storm of the century to hit here with 25 whole cm of snow – there’s going to be massive power outages, school snow days and all sorts of carnage to prepare for!

  4. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Mac OS

    Yeah, this is the ‘real’ Alaska, not the stuff that appears on travel shows 😉 The locals are the toughest people I’ve met, and always smiling too!

    Hope your storm isn’t too bad!

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