Gamefly’s ‘Fast Returns’ is a winner with me

I was pretty impressed with how quickly Gamefly managed to send out my first couple of video games – they arrived 4 days or so after adding them to my queue which is pretty good considering the mail up here! I sent back Lost Planet and Rainbow Six Vegas on Monday or Tuesday, so logged in to see if they’d arrived yet. Wasn’t expecting much, but it seems Gamefly use a ‘Fast Returns’ system whereby if you return the games via a postal sorting office which scans the barcodes on the outside of the envelope, Gamefly will be notified the games are on their way back and automatically send out your next games. Very cool, and means turn-around should be pretty quick as they’re not having to go all the way to California before the next games are despatched.

I guess the Anchorage sorting office does the scanning, as I’m pretty sure Tunt’s post office doesn’t quite have that facility 🙂


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  1. Jigsaw hc says:
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    Fast Return is a really nice feature. I love that they ship me a game before they even got the last one back. Also, you can save $5 a month on GameFly with

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    […] July 12th, though Spider-Man 3 is listed as a game I still have out, my next game in queue (well not truly next game… but one that was available on the list) is now being sent, thanks to that “Fast Return” service which I was kind of questionable on. I have to note something about Gamefly that I do find nice, is a feature in the Xbox 360 section, a list of original Xbox games that are playable on the 360, already all separated for you. Its a simple thing, but nice for those non-internet geeks that may not know the full list of games off hand (nor want to know that). […]

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