Looks like we’re getting DSL at home

Seems our telephone provider is now offering DSL internet connections in the village 😀 Very excited, as the only other option for an internet service involved about $400 on equipment + connection charges on a satellite link through GCI, then $100 a month for the service with a 3Gb/month limit. Although the Unicom Alaska connection will still only be 256k/64k, it’s $50 a month, has no bandwidth or usage restrictions, and includes free setup + connection via the engineer in the village (was easier to let them do it than explain what I used to do in England…). Works with the Mac too. Hopefully the equipment will be through within the next week or two and I won’t have to pack everything up and hike to school to use the internet anymore!


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  1. walt says:
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    I am glad we have competition in the Bush! Even for broadband in Bethel. GCI has cable modem rates, and the connection is decent for the bush but you got to watch the throughput as if you go over your limit, you will be charged every throughput you use. However, DSL through Unicom is only 256/64 you have unlimited usage and bandwidth which is AWESOME. In most cities and states Cable modem isnt monitored and you have unlimited service but in Alaska, a lot of companies try to charge you extra in any extra way! Way to go Unicom

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