Newcastle vs Wigan

Just cos I’m not working at Greencroft (or working at all, for that matter…) didn’t stop Trev from giving me a bell to see if I fancied going to the football. What with it being the start of the Premiership season today, and there being absolutely nothing to smile about being a Sunderland supporter, I figured “Why not?”. New seats this season, too. A good bit closer to the pitch, and my seat was perfectly dry even if a dodgy roof meant Trev got dripped on!

Pre-match handshakes

Heavy rain before kick-off made things interesting, with the pitch clearly waterlogged. Playing the ball to feet didn’t work too well with the water just slowing it down, and a few interesting tackles went in with players sliding around all over the place. Bit of fun. Much like rain brining excitement to Formula 1 giving Jenson Button in winning a couple of weeks ago!

Wigan can genuinely feel disappointed – they not only outplayed, but outclassed, Newcastle for the majority of the 90 minutes. Scott Parker’s goal for Newcastle was quality, but Shola Ameobi’s was more of a joke – he’d simple been sauntering up behind play, 15/20 yards behind the ball as he had done all game, when a deflection off the keeper from N’Zogbia’s shot bounced his way and he managed not to sky it or miss completely!

Wigan corner

Still, I’m just bitter with Sunderland loosing 3-1 to Southend, of all teams, which now sees them rooted to the foot of the Championship with nothing from 4 matches. Feels like last season, except a whole division lower – and still not even close to having the quality to win matches 🙁


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2 comments on “Newcastle vs Wigan
  1. Ben says:
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    ey up mate, hows it going, good to se u blessed with the presence of bar pure and in sunderland, u love it!!!!
    good web site mate just been checking it out finally, found the card u give me at the reunion like and thought i’dm check it, hey if your around and wanting more unsigned rock for ya pod cast check out me mates who always play down at pure sound lads in all, well they got to be if they’re my mates, good band and had some reasonable reviews!!
    anyway any news on the america shit?
    speak soon
    cousin ben
    niall quinn legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Mac OS

    Oh aye, lovely place is Pure. Can remember why I don’t go through Sunderland way much now 😉 Nah, was canny like and will check them guys out too. Still prefer Newcastle for pubs clubs like!

    Admire yer optimism with the football too – mine got drained seeing the last half a dozen matches at the back end of last season, and no way I’m paying 30 notes a ticket based on their first 4 games!

    But, nope, nowt on America – they’d asked Kat if she had a criminal record again, so that was a good waste of 6 weeks for her to tick ‘No’ (least I hope she did!). So, am doin’ one off to Japan in September for a bit wander round there!

    Keep cool man, and how’d them exams go 😉 ?!

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