Looks like success (finally!) with syn’cing RSS feeds

After some advice from Frank (Osterfeld?) with regards to Akregator, I updated my system to KDE 3.5.2 yesterday to iron some problems I was having, atlhough I’ve been meaning to update KDE anyway. With Gregarius seemingly working quite happily, I was keen to now get a desktop reader working properly.

Upgrading to Akregator 1.2.2 seems to have made things easier to manage in terms of multiple selection + deletion, and I haven’t come across any problems with incorrect/duplicate/old items being delivered. I actually quite like Akregator sitting in the system tray quietly showing when new items are available.

Now it’s onto writing a plugin for Gregarius to handle the deletion of items the way I want it to. Already been spotted lurking in their IRC channel the last couple of days so figure I may as well do something about it 🙂 Other than that, everything seems to be working perfectly. Will write up some quick instructions how to setup synchornisation between Gregarius and a desktop reader once I have some rough code for the plugin working.


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3 comments on “Looks like success (finally!) with syn’cing RSS feeds
  1. n says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.4 Windows XP

    I am thinking of you as a god father (in the nicest sence given Fucti Fino from my blog) of blogs and an inspiration to the Plain English society. I’ve visited 7 or 8 times thought it was time I posted.

  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Linux

    Well, this blog is a little bit different to yours I suppose, but guess you’re finding some of the stuff on here useful if you keep coming back for more! Not sure if that makes you smart or silly, but from reading some of your posts you’ve got to be a little bit out there! Some good stuff you got, and I really like the names for your characters!

  3. n says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.4 Windows XP

    Guess it would be. I went for the alterego concept- bit like the writing that eventually went into the book. I’llstop there though because it isn’t a plug. 18 years in the S&M game and you need a rest. Especially when you see what it leads to. It’s funny a lot of the enterprise in ICT comes from the UK but the US ends up owning the output.

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