Further tinkering with Gregarius

Gregarius feeds in actionAfter catching the attention of Marco Bonetti, one of the Gregarius developers, I’ve been playing with Gregarius a little bit more over the last few days. Seems like the slow updating of feeds is a known issue, and it was suggested I moved to 0.5.4RC2 to see what kind of problems I ran into, which I was pretty keen to do in order to help them out. One of the nice things about open source projects like this – the developers genuinely care and want to help to improve their code.

So, after running it on my test server (Xen powered now, of course 😉 !), it seemed very polished for a release candidate. Some very nice new features such as built-in authentcation system for the admin area, a WordPress-like dashboard after logging in, and some extra plugins to help tidy up the formatting + display. And of course, it seemed to help with the actual delivery of the feeds which was the most important part! So much so, it’s now live on my main webserver.

Akregator RSS reader for KDEAlthough I was quite happy with the way Gregarius was now handling the RSS feeds in the web-based system, it still wasn’t delivering this to Thunderbird. After a bit of discussion, I’ve moved to a dedicated RSS reader to figure out whether Gregarius or Thunderbird was fault. Seems like Thunderbird was the one causing the problems, as having ran Akregator for most of the day it’s been flawless. I’m finding Akregator a bit clunky though – no ability to delete multiple items, prompts on deletion of *every* item with no way to turn it off, and doesn’t display full articles, mainly links elsewhere. As their site is down after getting hit with DoS attacks, I can’t get in and download a newer version, as what scraps I pull from the Google cache and Sourceforge bug reports seem to indicate these issues are now resolved.

Still, is looking a bit more promising 🙂 Gregarius 0.5.4RC2 is handling feeds correctly, on time, and without duplications or loading old items. It’s creating + delivering the RSS feeds properly, and I’ve at least found that a decent RSS reader will handle them correctly. Am looking over the Gregarius code to see if I can develop a plugin now to allow easy deletion of all read items from the web-based system to make it easy to clear items before having them loaded into an offline reader at home. Definately going to more action with this over the next few days!


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3 comments on “Further tinkering with Gregarius
  1. Frank says:
    Konqueror 3.5 Linux

    > Iâ��m finding Akregator a bit clunky though – no
    > ability to delete multiple items, prompts on
    > deletion of *every* item with no way to turn it
    > off,

    Which version do you use?
    Multiselection and -deletion is supported since 1.2 (KDE-PIM 3.5.0).

    > and doesn�t display full articles, mainly links
    > elsewhere.

    For which feed(s)?

    > As their site is down after getting hit with DoS
    > attacks, I can�t get in and download a newer
    > version, as what scraps I pull from the Google

    Note that Akregator is part of KDE-PIM now, so you wouldn’t be able to get a current version from akregator.sf.net anyway. You need to install the latest kdepim, or use a distribution that splits kdepim and provide a single akregator package.

  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Linux

    Frank, thanks for getting in touch! I hope I didn’t give the impression I wasn’t impressed with Akregator, I am, and realised that most of the issues I was experiencing were resolved with a newer release. I wasn’t aware how it tied in with KDE-PIM, so hadn’t realised the separate update path.

    I’ve now updated my system (Kubuntu 5.10 AMD64) to KDE 3.5.2 which is something I was planning on doing anyway, so I now have Akregator 1.2.2 running. Multiple selection deletion is now correctly supported. Would be nice if the deletion prompt could be turned of – I have seen a bug/feature report for this though.

    As for some feeds not displaying as I would expect, if I take one of the BBC News feeds such as Technology or Motor Sport, I get a 1/2 line article description and then a link to the main article. This isn’t Gregarius causing a problem as I get the same display format in the web-based version, and I can add the main feed direct from BBC and get the same issue. I think it’s more down to the way the content provider is creating formatting the feed. Again, I have seen something in the bug reports whereby it’s not seen as a fault of Akregator.

    Overall, am quite happy with the way Akregator is handling the feeds now and feels easier to work with now I have multiple selection deletion. One nice feature I’d like to see other than being able to turn off the delete confirmation is when deleting items from a feed, items marked as important are kept to allow you to delete items you don’t want to keep, and leave those classed as important.

    Thanks for all your suggestions though – am open to any more!

  3. Sudheer says:
    Mozilla Firefox Fedora Linux

    Yes, I just tried Akregator. The inability to turn off Delete confirmation is really an annoyance.

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