Feeling all artistic!

Well, I’ve been playing around quite a bit the last day or two. As I’d pulled down an update to The Gimp (no jokes please – check the website if you don’t know what it is!), I wanted a chance to try it out. Usually I’m crap with graphical stuff, but the spiffy logo at the top of the site was knocked up in about 5 minutes and will stay until I get bored!

I’ve also integrated my photo gallery completely, thanks largely to the WordPress Coppermine integration plugin which is pretty cool. Let’s me grab photos straight from the gallery and put them into postings, and upload photos directly into the gallery from WordPress. Plus, with a change to the search section, whenever you search for something, it will also pull back results from the available photos and albums in the gallery! The gallery itself has been themed to match the Kubrick theme the blog runs off, but heavily modified to take version 1.4.3 of Coppermine. The theme only existed for 1.3.x – anyone after a copy, let me know.


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11 comments on “Feeling all artistic!
  1. rocky2889 says:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP


    I would like to have a copy of the modified theme to integrate my blog and gallery.



  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Debian GNU/Linux

    You can download the file here – kubrick-fouldsy-cpg1.4.x.tar.gz

    I adjusted theme.php a little right at the end as I wasn’t bothered about comments being included – check out sample/theme.php from your existing setup to see what needs adding back if you want the comments included. Also, when logged in, clicking ‘User Mode‘ actually takes you to the admin panel – I don’t know why, haven’t looked at enough! Finally, it’s not XHTML compliant. I’ll get round to it, but I’m still trying to bring the blog inline (down to 4 errors now – too many damn plugins!) 🙂

    If you have problems, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I wouldn’t recommend using the Kubrick body background that handles the grey sidebar, as your content in the albums will often cause this to overun. Check the Coppermine forums as to why this happens – I simply used the standard white body background and am quite happy, which is what the theme will default to! I haven’t posted on the Coppermine forums to let people know that the theme has been ported as it’s not 100% as mentioned above, but feel free to let people know about it – would give me motivation to tidy it up!

  3. rocky2889 says:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP

    I have questions on how to install this theme in the gallery. I upload and install galleryin theme folder. I get this error
    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/rocky/domains/rockylam.com/public_html/gallery/themes/kubrick/theme.php on line 17”

    Also another question how I do include my header in the coppermine theme?



  4. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Debian GNU/Linux

    Try downloading http://www.fouldsy.com/wp-content/uploads/theme.tx... and renaming it from ‘theme.txt‘ to ‘theme.php‘ and uploading it in replacement of the original version. I don’t see any problem though – line 17 is right at the start defining the rating graphics. What version of Coppermine are you running, and under the ‘images‘ folder of the Kubrick theme, can you see 5 images for the photo ratings?

    As for your header, do you mean insert your own image into the header? If so, simply replace ‘images/kubrickheader.jpg‘ with your own image. However, ideally I’d edit the existing image and merge your header into it, otherwise you’ll loose the top of the page borders. Look at the existing header image – that’s what’s controlling your layout, not tables.

  5. rocky2889 says:
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP

    The new file fixed the error, I can see the gallery without the header. What I like to do is included the header.php from my WP blog site. So the overall site look the same.



  6. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Debian GNU/Linux

    Glad it worked, I’ve updated the original package with the changes 🙂

    From looking at your gallery (http://rockylam.com/gallery/) it doesn’t seem to be loading the images or stylesheet at all. That doesn’t look anything like the Kubrick theme other than the layout 🙂 Check your file locations to make sure all the files from the download are available.

    But, if you wanted to load in your header from your WP blog, simply copy the image across to ‘themes/kubrick/images/kubrickheader.jpg‘ and then copy the JavaScript from your WP header into ‘themes/kubrick/template.html‘ – browse the template.html file and you should clearly see where the header image is being defined, and where your additional code will go. I’m not convinced it will work perfectly though, you might need to tinker with it!

    From looking at your WP blog though, if that’s Kubrick modified to your needs, you’re going to have a lot of editing to do in order to get Coppermine to fit – the colour schemes don’t match up at all.

  7. Alex says:
    Mozilla Firefox Linux

    Great work, thanks a lot!

    It perfectly works with Coppermine 1.4.3

    I set intermediate picture size to 500, so pictures will fit without squeezing the sidebar.

  8. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Debian GNU/Linux

    Cool Alex, glad it works – looks nice + clean! My intermediate photos are set to 500px wide too to minimise problems and think it works great.

    Also, if you go into your Coppermine admin settings, you should be able to add your ‘Gallery Name’ and ‘Gallery Description’ into the header so it looks exactly the same as your blog 😉

  9. Alex says:
    Mozilla Firefox Linux

    Hmm, in fact i did that before, but it doesn’t show anything. With the kubrick template for 1.3.x it did show up though. I’ll let you know when I found the problem.

  10. Alex says:
    Mozilla Firefox Linux

    Ok, found it, quite simple. There were two lines missing in the file template.html, line 16:


    You probably removed it because you don’t use it.

  11. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Debian GNU/Linux

    I was just writing that back to you! I forgot I’d taken it out when I first did it to stop it over-laying on my header image. I’m updating the original package now to put those two lines back in. Glad you got it sorted though 🙂

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