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Well, I officially handed in my letter of resignation this morning, so not really any going back now! For the unitiated, I’m moving to the US this summer having had enough of sunny England, and reckon I may as well take the opportunity whilst I can. With the Visa paper’s currently being filed, and the arrangements for the wedding under way for 14th June, it’s all a case of waiting for the papers to be processed and then getting called for an interview at the US embassy in London. Will probably take until the start of May or so before it’s all sorted!

My date of leaving work will be 26th May which falls on the UK half-term holidays, and am looking to fly out the 30th/31st May to spend 10 weeks or so travelling around the US with Kat, including getting hitched in Lake Tahoe, California (not literally in Lake Tahoe, it might be a bit wet…) before moving to Alaska for a year so Kat can continuing teaching up there. Apart from their school being closed last week with the temperatures down to -56F, should be fun!


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6 comments on “It’s all official now
  1. Russell Dyas says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Windows XP

    Well it does mean you know have to watch superbowl this year in preparation now considered a us national holiday 🙂


  2. Russell Dyas says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Windows XP


    on technoarti your posts are coming up with domain

    when you click on them


  3. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Linux

    Freaky – I’ve just been talking to a teacher that spent a year out in California who was reminding me I should set my video recorder for the superbowl! He’s been watching the play-offs recently, and though probably risking the wrath of my US buddies, I don’t quite see the point. I watched a game over Christmas and they stop play far too much – at least in rugby players get a good chance to hit and stamp on each other before play is stopped!

    I like your edugeek site too, have been on there a few times looking over some solutions. I have some good rants on here about RM, and am currently going through the same fun + games from your forums with the KS3 ICT pilot 🙁

    As for the Technorati links, I used to have stuff running through before the hosting company went out of business and locked all domains down with it. That’s going back to September though and Technorati still link back to it. Unfortunately there’s no way to setup some kind of re-directions with the domain out of action. Thanks for letting me know though!

  4. Russell Dyas says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Windows XP

    lol you come to like it

    think cant compare rugby and american football to different games with two different set of skills but people can cross over martin johnson started in american football before doing rugby…

    Well always got ice hockey or baseball…


  5. Russell Dyas says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Windows XP

    also just had a thought… email to might be able to unlock your domain…


  6. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Debian GNU/Linux

    Well, American football I can just about watch, but not baseball! Really was just so boring sitting through a whole game! Basketball I’ll happily watch, hence going to see the Timberwolves (much to Kat’s delight…) over Christmas. And ice hockey too! Although different rules + skills, I reckon there are similarities and techniques involved. Didn’t realise Johnson switched games – but he didn’t turn out too bad if he started out with American Football, did he 😉 ?

    As for unlocking the domain, it’s just not worth the hassle to be honest. I think there’s a 6 or 12 month waiting period as well, as the hosting company or registrar has to officially be declared as having ceased trading. The site was only hosting info on the proxy server + content filtering system I’d developed and all the code for the web-management system, but I just never had the drive to clean the code up enough to actually release it! Am happier with being associated with it’s own server too 🙂

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