Can I get a “woo-yay”?

Didn’t even need to get out of bed this morning. Called school, told it was closed, went back to sleep.
Job’s a gud ‘un. Hard life, these days…


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure virtual machines. Occasionally I play video games.

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2 comments on “Can I get a “woo-yay”?
  1. Karan says:
    Internet Explorer 7.0 Windows XP


    Lol dude, your hilarious, I found your space when looking for bunsen lighters. Apparantly they dont exist, anyhow i’m going to disapear out of your life, leaving just a bleak and rather confused affect on you.

    Keep up the humour! If i’m ever looking for bunsen lighters in google images, stumble upon tesco mayonase and consequently onto your website maybe i’ll leave another comment, maybe not :).

  2. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Mac OS

    I try my best 🙂

    Glad you find my ramblings funny, and hope you do find Tesco mayonnaise in a Google Image search again! You’d be more than welcome anytime.

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