Man may be able to make fire…

but fouldsy can make this:

Two-storey rabbit hutch

To get some kinda perspective, this is nearly four foot long and the same high, with a lower section over two foot in height with a ramp leading to the upper section and sleeping area. £120 in the shops for something that size, £25 worth of materials to do it yerself. Easy peasy. Bugger to lift though….


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5 comments on “Man may be able to make fire…
  1. Glyn says:

    That Photo must be mirrored, it doesn’T make sense. Looking towards the louvre window, ther isn’t a wall to the right. Or have you being building walls I don’t know about.
    Like the new bunny!

  2. fouldsy says:

    Uhm, no, that’s actually the main wall onto the back lane 😉 The louvre windows (thought that was a place in France mind…) are just to the left of the steps when you go into the yard, hence when you look into the little outhouse from the yard itself they’re on the left, and thus there will be a big fuck-off wall on the right hand side 🙂 Don’t worry, I hear senile dementia is quite common amongst old people – best wear a name tag with your address in case you forget who you are and where you live, eh?

  3. Glyn says:

    I see, it’s taken from INSIDE, Doh!
    BTW, have you tried sitting on it :0)~

  4. doityourself says:
    Safari 419.3 Mac OS

    did you make this yourself can you email me the plans

  5. fouldsy says:
    Mozilla Firefox Windows XP

    Sorry, I don’t actually have any plans for the rabbit hutch – it was just something I quickly drew up on a sheet of paper then went to the hardware store and bought the materials.

    I’m sure there’ll be plans elsewhere on the internet similar though – maybe check out these plans I’ve quickly found on Fix-it For’em. Just adapt it to your taste if you want to make it two storey like the one I built.

    It’s held up pretty well the past three years, though it’s since had a pitched roof put on which lets the rain run off easily as it now sits outside rather than in a little covered out-house. Jessy also tried kicking out the sides of the hutch the past two summers wanting to get out in the garden and play so they had to be replaced! Maybe use 3/8″ plywood on the sides and it would keep it held together nicely – I think I only used 1/4″ originally.

    Let me know how it goes!

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