Soul for sale – get it cheap on eBay!

Well, not quite, but I had right good clear out and about half my worldly possesions are on eBay if anyone wants to grab an authentic piece of fouldsy memorabilia! Haven’t quite gone so far as to put the electric guitar (would be worth something when I’m rock supa* for all those wanting to pencil an offer just in case) or the laptop (with your own version of fouldsy Linux 0.3 pre-installed for your pleasure and annoyance) up for auction, but stay tuned and you might catch a bargain!


Senior Content Development for Microsoft writing about Azure virtual machines. Occasionally I play video games.

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2 comments on “Soul for sale – get it cheap on eBay!
  1. Glyn says:

    err, where? maybe if you supplied a few links, even sitting at ‘work’ I don’t have enought time to look at every item on Ebay.
    Although, I do give it my best effort.

  2. fouldsy says:

    Surely you must have read the Internet by now. The small matter of eBay is nothing to one with so little to do such as your good self.

    Anyway, my soul was sold for a doughnut…

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