Update – scooter field trials

It appears that the field trials mentioned previously in an unknown area of the country are going well. The main benefits would appear to less pollution, however this does not appear to be the cause.
Our field reporter who managed to capture this amazing shot claimed “I heard it before I saw it. It was unmistakable. Nothing sounds quite like it apart from a hairdryer, and I knew that a hairdryer couldn’t be that loud and certainly not travelling down the road.”
Asked whether the trials appeared to be going well, our reported commented “Well, for something with less power than a sowing-machine, I would say it was a success. The monkey certainly seemed happy.”

More on this story as it happens folks…


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9 comments on “Update – scooter field trials
  1. Lindsey says:

    I want a pink scooter…… and a monkey.

  2. Seb says:

    funny the back of his jacket had the name sawn on it saying “fouldsy” and under it “Charva Team Newcastle”

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Fouldsy,

    I like your new hat and scooter, mate. Fantastic colour co-ordination! But you really need to paint it pink to make your Lindsey happy.

    ciao, Paul

  4. fouldsy says:

    I do like the way Seb keeps trying to draw attention away from the fact that he’s the one riding round on a poxy little scooter instead of standing up a being counted like the little boy that he is. Maybe some day he’ll have his training wheels taken off…

  5. Glyn says:

    They are called stabilisers, actually!
    I think it’s standard edition on a
    Fix Or Repair Daily.

  6. Glyn says:

    Quote “Well, for something with less power than a sowing-machine, I would say it was a success”.

    Would that be the the sowing machine as in Jethro Tull’s seed drill of 1701?

    Or did you mean sewing machine :0)

  7. fouldsy says:

    Either or, doesn’t make a difference to me. Actually, I suppose something made in 1701 would still have more power than a scooter, even a machine that was probably hand-powered.
    Maybe we should all chip in and get Seb some of them flashing-neon valve cabs all the charva’s have on their scooters. Then he’d fit in quite nicely…

    And at least I haven’t heard of the front shocks deciding to plough through the bonnet of a Ford when you decide to go over a little bump, not like that French piece of rust you had Mr Anderson…

  8. Glyn says:

    “not like that French piece of rust you had Mr Anderson”

    Don’t you talk about my wife like that!

    Oh no, she’s German, never mind……

  9. fouldsy says:

    Will remember that one next time I see your good wife and see how you squirm yer way out of those comments…

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